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15, April 2007

Windows Home Server Blog : Building Add-ins

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Just installed Windows Home Server April 07 CTP today. There is something new with this CTP known as an addin. According to Home Server blog, building addin is like developing Windows based application. However bear in mind that Home Server serves as only a server with no user session. Meaning this whatever addin must be able to run as a Windows service. After constant bombard of SOA architecture at the enterprise app space, I would have immediate thought of a few applications or services that would should have made it as a Windows Home Server addins:

  1. VOIP. Skype and VOIP services is becoming something we take for granted in the enterprise and SOHO alike. I can imagine I just need to dial a number on my local land phone, and some service sitting elsewhere (in this case, mostly in WHS) would be able to determine whether a VOIP gateway is available for me to connect to that number.
  2. Remote downloading services, this is a feature I found in Flashget downloader whereby I am able to install a service at my home PC and hook it online 24/7. Then from anywhere I can send a command or URL to my home PC to download a particular file. This is useful when I don’t have immediate access to fast and constant Internet connection.
  3. Expression Media is one application I would like to see able to make it as an server based application where we have AJAX based interface to manage our digital assets. I can also share it with anyone such as my customer my photograph portfolios.

Link to Windows Home Server Blog : Building Add-ins


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