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31, July 2007

MOSS Features Management Tool

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Lazy to use stsadm to manage SharePoint features such as install, activate, deactivate, uninstall? Then download this tool and run it on your SharePoint Server. The tool I believe has dependency on SharePoint.dll so you can run it on the client.

Screen shot below showing a feature got uninstalled.



4 cool new features about SQL Server 2008 codename Katmai

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Time Chapman, a SQL Server DBA written about the features he likes in SQL Server 2008, the 4th one in his list is my favorite too for a developer viewpoint. Change Data Capture makes it easier to create audit log components if you use of stored procedure for data tier coding.

September’s TechEd Southeast Asia 2007 features a few topics too about Katmai both for DBAs and developers.

Enterprise Data Management Track

  1. BI enhancement in SQL Server 2008
  2. Next release of SQL Server: Data Warehouse Enhancement
  3. SQL Server 2008: Overview
  4. SQL Server 2008 Manageability Overview

Sync your database to SharePoint using SSIS

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Custom SharePoint lists are like tables in a traditional database; in some ways they’re even better. But as organizations adopt this new data store, they introduce additional complexities in integrating new list-based solutions with existing database applications. This article shows you how to solve the data mismatch problem by using the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Microsoft’s new Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML).

Offline OLAP Cube browsing in Excel 2007

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Just realize today that I can actually download the whole OLAP cube and browse with Excel 2007 when you offline. Below are the steps:

1. Access the .ODC file online


2. When you click Open, you will fire up Excel and the Pivot Table Field List.


Construct you Excel Pivot Table view. For example I put Reason on Row Labels, Calendar Year, Quarter and Month on Column Labels and Incidents Count on Values.


To take the cube offline, click on Options –> OLAP Tools –> Offline OLAP


Because you don’t have a Offline data file,  on the Offline OLAP Settings window you will see Offline OLAP option is grayed out. Create the data file by click on Create Offline Data File.


 You will be presented by a wizard, click Next on the first screen


Because a real life data warehouse is huge and you might not want every data, you can choose the level of field you want to store in the offline data file. Then click Next.


Then specify the item within the level and click Next.


 Finally specify where you want to store the data file and click Finish


Now you see Offline OLAP option is enabled.


30, July 2007

2 OBA RAPs VHD available for download

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The OBA team has made Loan Origination and Public Service E-forms OBA RAP Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) available for download at

 If you are in South East Asia region want to find out more about these OBA RAPs, do come to TechEd SEA 2007 and attend the follow sessions.

Office System & Messaging Track

  1. Microsoft Sharepoint Products & Technologies 2007: Administrative Architecture & Planning for Deployment, Part 1
  2. Microsoft Sharepoint Products & Technologies 2007: Administrative Architecture & Planning for Deployment, Part 2
  3. SharePoint Governance & Information Architecture Guidance
  4. Building Apps with MOSS 2007 Excel Services
  5. Reporting solutions in Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007
  6. Doc Management in SharePoint 2007
  7. Integrate LOB with SharePoint Business Data Catalog

Architecture Track

  1. Office as a Platform Architecture?

Developer Track

  1. Developing Real World OBA
  2. Open XML Architecture and Benefits
  3. Anatomy of OBA
  4. Workflow in real world

27, July 2007

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 is here

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Beta 2 of Orcas just got release today and is downloadable either in VPC form or a DVD image. If you are based in South East Asia, where else to learn from experts about Orcas except TechEd 2007 South East Asia. There is the good old developer track and the newer web development track and their sessions have a lot of  materials on Orcas.

Web Development and UX Track
Getting Started Building Rich Interactive Apps with Silverlight
Deep Dive into Silverlight 1.1. with .NET

Developer Technology Track
Windows Client .NET: Building Rick Client UI with Acropolis Framework
Workflow in real world & how MS leverages workflow technologies
What’s new for device developers in Orcas
A lap around VS Orcas
LINQ and XML Integration in VB Orcas

You can have a look at the full list here.

26, July 2007

IronRuby Pre-Alpha available for download!

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IronRuby code gen

A lot people are blogging about this already. After a long wait, IronRuby is made available for download from John Lam’s blog under MS Permissive License.

Scott Guthrie also blog about it and shared some sample codes on IronRuby. Check this out about WPF apps with IronRuby.

23, July 2007

SharePoint 2007 supports WSRP 1.1

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Just realize that SharePoint 2007 has the ability to consume WSRP 1.1 portlets, meaning most Java based JSR-168 compliant portal server such as JBoss and Websphere (most of them have WSRP v1.0 or v1.1 support).

At the moment I am trying to setup a Java portal for demo so no details but you can check out this blog post to find out more.

Integrating SharePoint with other portals and web apps

Time to discuss WSRP


18, July 2007

Setting up Single Sign On (SSO) for MOSS 2007

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MSDN documentation is not clear on setting up SSO on MOSS, but Dave Wollerman’s post here is very detailed and I managed to get SSO running by just following his blog. Be warned though that this setup is meant for development or test environment.

16, July 2007

Windows Server 2008 Core unattended installation answer file

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You cannot run the AD installation wizard with Windows Server 2008 Core, the only way to do it is using an answer. The documentation is a not detail enough at the moment for newbie to write a answer file from scratch. I had to look for documentation from Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server to get it right. So here I am posting my version for installing a fresh forest.

Password=<administrator’s password>
NewDomainDNSName=<specify you own domain name, i.e.>
SafeModeAdminPassword=<password for restoration>

Save it in a text file and at the command prompt type:

dcpromo /answer:<location of answer file>

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