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10, February 2008

Your ERP, CRM and LOB should look like this!

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Just came back from Krabi today and the first thing that caught my eye when I open up homepage for the 1st time since 5 days is a sample ERP applications that make practical use of Windows Presentation Foundation framework without just snapping just another colossal.

The Lawson M3 Smart Client

Look at it, it is a familar interface like our normal Windows Form app but it gives end users a fresh feel which I think they will be happy to open and use everyday. And if you want to integrate this into Office task panes as a WPF add in, you can do so easily with VSTO 2008 as I mentioned here.

By the way, should you try to get away by saying there is no ‘design’ guy in your team/ company, a company called reuxables is making one of their WPF theme available free in the form of a .dll file. Download it here.



  1. Patrick,
    You’re invited to see a WPF based ERP, a comprehensive on-demand solution with all features, based on .Net3.5.
    Take a look at the demo and if you feel like commenting I’ll be honored.

    Comment by Galit — 9, July 2008 @ 5:53 pm | Reply

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