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18, April 2008

OpenXML Software Developer Kits Beta released

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Now that OpenXML got accepted as an ISO standard, the next thing for developers is how they can build application using the file format. There are tons of samples out there showing how to do it with any ZIP APIs (such as .NET System.IO.Packaging) and XML APIs but it is not so productive for this approach.

The better way would be someone (not just Microsoft) to come out with APIs or namely SDKs to give developers an easy way to manipulate the file format. Long awaited ones is  the .NET and Java SDK for OpenXML and they have released refreshed version of their SDKs.

The .NET based OpenXML Format SDK is developed by Microsoft and has LINQ for XML capabilities; which make it very productive. You can check out Erika’s blog post for more information. This SDK will have a version 1.0 RTM somewhere around May, and then follow up by works on version 2.0.

Then the second one is the open sources OpenXML4J APIs. This Java based SDK is a community effort (some blog even mentioned the involvement of developers from the POI project). It was in Alpha stage for sometime until I worry about it not moving forward anymore, but on 10 Apr 2008, they released the Beta version. Best of all they have came out with a roadmap.

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