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21, May 2008

WCIT 2008 Day 2 Interesting stuff

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WCIT_0519_0097 WCIT_0519_0098
WCIT_0519_0099 WCIT_0519_0100

Previously known as Makcik PC and now called Jenii or Dollah made its debut at Telekom Malaysia’s booth. Meant to bridge the gap between the PC literate and illiterate, it uses touch screen as the main UI while giving you an option to hook on to a keyboard. Able to run on both Microsoft Windows XP and a customized OS (I guess is Linux)


WiMAX seems to be the buzz nowadays and Packet 1 Solutions is showcasing some of their WiMAX products. P1 also operating the free WiFi service for the city of Kuala Lumpur.

WCIT_0519_0113 WCIT_0519_0114WCIT_0519_0117

Holland will be the next host of WCIT in 2010. At their booth, they are serving wines and Heineken beer.


Unusual appearance by BMW but no one manning the booth.

WCIT_0519_0028    WCIT_0519_0033 
Living statues at the hall


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