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20, June 2008

Bank using WPF on ATM

Filed under: WPF — patrickyong @ 11:57 am

Tim Heuer blogged about Wells Fargo adoption of WPF into their ATM user interface. For any technology, having a financial institution to adopt it in a customers facing application is really a vote of confidence that it is ready for critical mass.

With banks automating more of their businesses and putting them onto ATM and Internet banking, user experience is getting more crucial because of the dozens of services they offer, the screen property is limited. Old style ATM UI consist of just text is not usable to get customers to the  service they looking for. WPF fits nicely here because of the deep integration with a strong application development platform like .NET and there is a good workflow synergy between the developers and designers to help boost productivity.

I just hope my local banks in Malaysia will realize this also and start putting investment into user experience around ATMs and Internet Banking.



  1. I am software developer in Kuching. One of my client needs a retail kiosk application, which I made it in WPF. Frankly speaking, WPF application is low and taking too much memory, which require better PCs to run a WPF app. I doubt local banks will invest so much to upgrade PCs just to run better styled ATM application….

    Comment by ccchai — 20, June 2008 @ 12:24 pm | Reply

  2. cccchai has point there.
    another point to consider is. The front-end might be WPF but i m not sure whether the back-end process will turn to .net though. Considering the performance cause
    compare to other proven technology
    But wht do i nkow..i m just a small potato :p
    Just an opinion

    p.s great infor on .net product though.
    btw.. ijust a feedback, i have nseen all ur post :p maybe u could put in some info on tech other than msoft 😛 …since this is ur personal blog

    Comment by ying kit — 20, June 2008 @ 5:00 pm | Reply

  3. wpf 3.5 sp1 will tackle some of the mentioned performance issues. on the mean time, as the blog title, the bank only uses WPF on the backend. yup it is true that a lot of banks will still be using mainframe to their backend, but isn’t it wonder to migrate or upgrade your technology part by part?

    Comment by patrickyong — 24, June 2008 @ 2:34 pm | Reply

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