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23, June 2008

Affordable but powerful antivirus in the market

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Russian based Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 just came out but our Malaysian distributor is still selling the older version (Version 7.0) at RM45.00 per machine. If not mistaken the 3 users pack sold for RM65.00 at Low Yat. The price is based on 1 year subscription. You can check out the price from Lelong here. This is rather cheap because the US price is USD39.00.


Compared to the more popular yellow box antivirus from US, Kaspersky may not got updated as fast or as powerful in most cases but when compared to those free antivirus in the market, I realize Kaspersky detects and removes a lot more computer viruses. I found out this recently when I conducted a  training at PJ and the lab have  only a few machines installed with Kaspersky while the others are installed with the free ones. So subsequent I found out majority of the PCs there are infected except those with Kaspersky.

Conclusion Kaspersky has a good price per feature ratio given it low price but good performance and low memory consumption. I would recommend it to home users but not enterprise because the lack of manageability and provision tools.


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