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18, July 2008

Live Mesh Tech Preview: First Impression

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At last, I saw the news that Mesh is accessible for public now. Manage to get to the login screen pictured above but my Internet connection is too slow to see anything cool on Live Desktop. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Still showing the Loading… message after 30 minutes.


So I click on Add Device to install the Live Mesh client on my laptop.


There is a choice for 32 or 64 bit but surprising the client for Windows Mobile is not available yet. I heard someone mentioned there is a client for WM out there.


Now got to wait for the client to be installed. During the setup it will ask you for your Windows Live ID and goes thru the Vista’s UAC request.


Once setup I have a Messenger like app sitting at my taskbar.


My laptop is now visible on my Mesh website


When I click  connect to my laptop they prompt me to install Live Mesh ActiveX. Looks like this going to work in IE only.


Haha… since I am using my laptop to connect to my laptop, it prompt an message.

Thinking of this, when the Mobile client is available, I can leave my laptop on my desk and take my HTC Diamond to meeting. ๐Ÿ™‚


Above is my Mesh desktop.


Lets create a new folder.


I thought this is an app on my laptop, but its actually on Mesh’s desktop. Got this Vista look and feel.


No drag and drop yet, got to select files to upload.

So go back to my work but if you want to find out what’s so nice about Live Mesh, check out Fai’s blog here. He is one of the few secret testers for Mesh for the pass few months and the guy with Live Mesh client on his Windows Mobile!

Beam me up to my Live Dekstop and all my devices!!!

Here is a tutorial on Live Mesh P2P IE Favorites sync


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