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17, November 2006

WF Act and App Samples

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The WF team in Redmond has released a zip file of sample workflow applications and activities. Some of them incl:

  1. OutlookWorkflow App
  2. Speech Workflow App
  3. Active Directory Roles
  4. User Track Points
  5. Email sending Activity
  6. File Monitor Activity

You can get it here.


16, November 2006

Office 2007 Installation Experience, Part 1

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1. Installing Office 2007

Office installation in progress

2. Office Install Complete

Office installation completed smoothly.

3. Opening Word 2007

 New yellowish splash screen for Office 2007

4. Office 2007 Activation

Activation screen.

5. Office Activation Success

Activation succeeded

6. The Office Button

Ribbon base interface for Word, Excel, Access and Power Point. No changes since Beta 2  TR. Do note the new Office spots the Office button like Windows’ Start button

7. Office Button Menu

The Office Button opens up a menu meant mostly for file operations


11, November 2006

Performance Characteristics of Windows Workflow Foundation

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People who is currently using other or develop their own workflow engine will be curious on how Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) fair in performance test. This white paper the performance of WF under different workflow instance scenario.

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