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27, August 2007

Google Apps no match for MS Office. So why no switch to Google Apps?

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This is a screenshot taken from the InfoWorld website about the limited features found in Google App should makes enterprise architect think twice before dumping MS Office. The reports even says Google still using MS Office for most of the productivity works.

As for the ad (in this case its Double Click), word to word matching might not be a good strategy.



24, August 2007

Fowler on DSL

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Famous book author and pioneer on UML and XP did a presentation on Domain Specific Language and its real world scenario here.


19, August 2007

Search Enable Your Application with SharePoint Search and Business Data Catalog

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Search (such as those of Live Search and Google) is so ambiguous now that users would have start asking it especially if your system spans a few terabytes where searching for information is tedious. Within OBA architecture is the Search services which is powered by SharePoint Search and BDC, basically what you need to do are:

  1. Create a DBA Application Definition XML with IEnumertor and Specific Finder method instance.
  2. Define the BDC app as Content Source
  3. Setup Authentication
  4. Perform a content crawl
  5. Setup metadata properties and crawled property
  6. Create Search Scope
  7. Publish the scope to site
  8. Create a search web page

So it is that simple, more details you can get it from winsmarts website here.

18, August 2007

Get yourself a hard copy of the OpenXML book from Doug

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While the OpenXML book can be downloaded for free, Doug Mahugh is giving out a hard copy of the book for anyone who contributed an article to As for my copy, I got it from Dr. Dzahar after a great meet up with him on OpenXML adoption in Malaysia. Thanks doc!! 🙂

Its VB Weekend at Channel 9

Filed under: Visual Basic — patrickyong @ 12:51 pm

Channel 9 featured 2 Visual Basic interviews this week as related to Visual Studio 2008 with focus on LINQ and Intellisense.

Here is also a link to a number of VB video tutorials.

15, August 2007

OpenXML ebook available for free download

Filed under: OpenXML — patrickyong @ 6:39 am just made Wouter VanVugt’s ebook a free download at their website. Its a 128 page book that covers the basic of OpenXML and materials are taken from some of the OpenXML developer workshops.

11, August 2007

Live Folder new UI and Name

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Just found out today when I logged in to Live Folder that the UI and the name as been changed. It is now call Live SkyDrive. The UI has been changed to be more inline with other Live websites and the folders view are similar to Vista’s.


Further exploration, I also found up about the new drag and drop upload tool.


9, August 2007

Bookmark: SharePoint stsadm.exe reference

Filed under: Administration,Sharepoint — patrickyong @ 3:15 am

There are quite some functions not possible to be done on SharePoint web interface, most admin works in SharePoint are done either via its web services or the all powerful stsadm.exe console tool.

There are more than 40 operations possible with stsadm.exe so its hard to remember all of them. So do bookmark this page for easy reference.

8, August 2007

Apple iWork ’08 compatible with Open XML

Filed under: OpenXML — patrickyong @ 8:27 am

Apple just launched their range of productivity suite and it glad to see they are compatible with OpenXML out of the box for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation. At the price tag of USD79.00 the pricing is similar to Office 2007 Home & Student Edition. However at USD99 one can license up to 5 of his home’s Macs and that make it the cheapest OpenXML client. Problem is with a high price tag on Mac hardwares… how many people out there got 5 of them? Unless people been keeping a Mac collection at home.

Open XML Screencasts

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Mike Ormond from Microsoft UK has a host of Open XML Programming screencasts here. You can find some above Level 200 codes on Open XML programming.

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