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22, June 2008

Community Launch: Windows Server, Visual Studio & SQL Server 2008

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Four Malaysian technical communities, Intel IT Technical Community Malaysia Chapter .NET SIG, ELITE, MIND and SPAN, are coming together to host a community event focusing on technical dives of Microsoft Windows Server 2008™, Visual Studio 2008™, and SQL Server 2008™.

Date             : 28 June 2008, Saturday

Venue           : Microsoft Auditorium

                           Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

                           Level 29, Tower 2,

                           Petronas Twin Tower, KL

Website         :


20, June 2008

Find out about Microsoft’s future direction here

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To be precise it’s at PDC 2008 where Microsoft use it to showcase future technologies that is years away. I remember first reading about .NET 1.0 at PDC years ago. Even though USD keep on shrinking in value, it is still quite costly for a poor little developer like me to folk out USD2000++ for the event. That is not yet including air ticket and hotel stay.

But nevertheless, one can guess what is in store for the future by just looking at the agenda. Below are some that caught my attention

1. There will be tonnes of enhancement made so that developers find it easy to develop service oriented application in the cloud. WCF and WF will be the main building block here where you should look out for sessions like Advanced Workflow Services, A Lap Around Building Block Services, Architecture of the Building Block Services.

2. .NET is coming to Windows Server Core, check out “Developing with .Net and ASP.NET for Server Core”. Maybe not the full .NET Framework but its worth to know that I can have clusters of Server Cores running ASP.NET or SharePoint.

3. Mesh will materialize with so many sessions talking about it. My colleagues call it Groove on steriod, but lets see what are in store in PDC later. I am still waiting for my beta account here.

4. OBA is still alive with the next version of Visual Studio continue to add features to it especially to the deployment part. I complained about VSTO click once deployment features not on par with Windows Form click once so definitely something will be seen on this area. But unfortunately don’t see any mention of Office 14 here.

5. Silverlight going to target LOB application developers and maybe there will be a repeater control like the one found in ASP.NET. All this while I feel SL is more suitable for customer facing apps like catalog and e-commerce store. Interop experience between COM and .NET will be enhanced.

6. ADO.NET and COM will be around for long time and there is a mention of ADO.NET v3.0 despite LINQ took a lot of limelight in .NET 3.5 release. Also for native C++ programmers, you guys can at last do WS-* web service development easily with new API and framework.

7. Windows 7! Windows 7! Windows 7! Graphics, touch UI and energy could the on brain of next generation OS developers.

Again here is the website of PDC 2008

13, June 2008

Heroes happen @Penang this weekend

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My dear ‘ka ki lang’ in Penang, Microsoft is doing a community launch of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 at Intel’s PG12 auditorium tomorrow from 8.30am – 5.30pm.

More info here

11, June 2008

SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night @KL

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It’s Malaysian version of SharePint as posted by Andrew Connell here! The evening started with Y Mi giving a prezzo on SharePoint Out of the Box which is Part 1 of the Advanced SharePoint course he running right now. The turn out was very good with guys from Versapac, IITG, Inceptio and Croesus coming so there was a total of 12 of us.

Many thanks to Richard from Croesus for hosting us at his office. 🙂

DSC00366 Our friends from Versapac and IITG

DSC00367Richard, Andy and Y-Mi getting ready

DSC00369 Eugene relaxing here

DSC00370 Light drinking session after the event

4, June 2008

Start.NET: Getting Started with .NET @MCSB Penang

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The class concluded with the new training materials from Ervin and the responses were good and I have students asking for more intermediate level courses to be available from Start.NET. The students of the class was great also as they given me a lot of feedback on their experience with Microsoft’s development environment. Below are shots taken from the class.


DSC00330 DSC00328

Below are some positive feedback I got.



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