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6, September 2007

How to export ASP.NET GridView to Excel spreadsheet

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You can use this and create a button on your ASP.NET page to export a GridView report to Excel.


Oracle BI’s blog poll about .NET 2.0 installation and support for Office 2007

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Oracle Business Intelligence blogger  is doing a poll on .NET 2.0 installation out there. This maybe because that the new Oracle BI Add In for MS Office 2007 requires the .NET 2.0 installation. Yes, and I think this is a fantastic OBA adoption here with Office 2007 as the front end to Oracle’s OLAP Cube than creating a new one.

And to my surprise there is a 58% YES (23/ 39) response out there.


3, September 2007

Tabular data with OpenXML Custom XML

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A lot of my partners are excited with the Content Control capability found in the WordProcessingML of OpenXML format. This opens up opportunity to create document generation module within their own application or used OpenXML as a simple e-form solution. Well then the next common question is how to host tabular data in WordProcessingML? Some thing like below



Item Code Quantity
123 1
A345 12

I did a Live Search today and found out that Mike Ormond from Microsoft UK come out with this sample so I do not need to spend endless nights creating one. Thanks Mike! He has the sample code here and 3 WMV presentations posted online. So you guys must go grab it!!

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