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26, December 2007

Links of the Day – TFS and VSTS

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VST S ‘Rosario’ CTP – Next version of VSTS after VSTS 2008 –

Team System Rocks website – Lots of freeware and forum –

Personify TeamSpec – VSTS for Business Analyst, still in beta and FREE! –

stpSoft – A story board tool for creating screens shots using Visio and integration with TFS –


23, December 2007

Merry X’mas from VB guys (& girl) :)

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A x’mas carol from Don Box, Amanda Silver and Chris Anderson 🙂

Here is the lyrics

Module VB
Dim myvar As Integer?() = {3 * 3}
Sub Main()
For Each i In myvar
            Console.Write(“Hello VB”)
With i
End With REM a language so true
If i IsNot Nothing Then
End If REM
End Sub
End Module

13, December 2007

Microsoft acquired MapInfo, and my school’s name is misspelled!! :(

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With the acquisition of MapInfo, finally we might have detailed Malaysia’s map in Virtual Earth with APIs and web services exposed to developers! So the first thing I did was to click on MapInfo and try to locate places I used to stay, studied or worked. To my dismay what I found out that Sek Tinggi Chung Ling (my high school) is misspelled as Chueng Ling, no wonder I can’t locate my school via the search box la!!


4, December 2007

MS Download homepage in Silverlight

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It is still a preview site now but quite user friendly

sl download 1

sl download 2

sl download 3

WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 SP1 details out

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Joel Oleson posted a blog on details of the long waited SharePoint 3.0 SP1 which includes new capabilities such as:

  1. Support for ASP.NET AJAX v1.0
  2. Support for Windows Server 2008
  3. New stsadm commands

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