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5, February 2008

Going off for holidays

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This is my last post before I go off for my Chinese New Year holiday. Today is the last day of the lunar pig year and tomorrow over 1 billion Chinese over the world will welcome the new lunar rat year. Gong Xi Fatt Chai (wishes you prosperity) to my readers. 🙂

On the mean time Vista SP1 is out but it will only be available to the public around beginning of March. Windows Server 2008 is also out and is downloadable by MSDN subscriber. Funny thing is as of yesterday I only see the ISO download and not the product key. Maybe you got to use it on trial mode first. Having said that, there are reports leaked outside saying the kernel version of Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 is now in sync at 6.0.6001. Vista pre-SP1 was running on 6.0.6000.

But overall the purpose of Vista SP1 is to increase performance and improves stability, I hope those will be enough to lure users to upgrade. For me, I hope SP1 will improve my Crysis game play.  🙂

Another Internet cable cut are reported near UAE, making it the forth one over the week. Possibility of Internet traffic rerouting and thus causing slowness over here in Malaysia is visible to a certain extend.


15, October 2007

MVC is coming to ASP.NET

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ASP.NET is getting a Model View Controller (or Model 2) framework soon thanks to Scott Guthrie’s ASP.NET team in Microsoft. A lot of people coming from the Java background such as me have been asking for a proper framework to separate the concerns of presentation and business logic. MVC is made popular in the Java world by Struts which remained very popular as a web framework. There is a similar Model View Presenter (MVP) framework found inside Web Client Software Factory but it is not quite similar with MVC. In MVC we normally have 1 Controller with many Views while in MVP pattern it is mostly a 1 to 1 relationship between the View and the Controller.

Those who know MVC need not anymore introduction… but if you want to check out scottgu’s prezzo, there is a Silverlight video here.

17, June 2007

Microsoft’s website to start using Silverlight for interactive content

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Provided you have Silverlight CTP installed at your PC, your visit  to Microsoft website will be great by a ‘The following is presented in Silverlight’ message. I would have expected it to be available earlier. Let’s how Silverlight will be used in other sites such as Soapbox to steam video.

Link to Microsoft Corporation

12, June 2007

IE vs Firefox vs Safari on Vista

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Notice how Safari failed to rendered the ‘shadowed’ background when you click Products and Technologies at Microsoft website.


Firefox and IE do not have problem with that.


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