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1, July 2008

Microsoft Open Specification v1.0 released

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Awhile ago I blogged about Microsoft releasing products protocol documentation which are essential design specifications. That was about 2 months ago and the documents are of beta version.

Today the official version 1 is out that it covers the following products.

  1. Windows
  2. WCF
  3. Windows Server Protocol
  4. .NET Framework
  5. Office
  6. Office Binary File Format
  7. SharePoint
  8. Exchange
  9. SQL Server
  10. VBA Language Spec
  11. XAML

22, June 2008

Community Launch: Windows Server, Visual Studio & SQL Server 2008

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Four Malaysian technical communities, Intel IT Technical Community Malaysia Chapter .NET SIG, ELITE, MIND and SPAN, are coming together to host a community event focusing on technical dives of Microsoft Windows Server 2008™, Visual Studio 2008™, and SQL Server 2008™.

Date             : 28 June 2008, Saturday

Venue           : Microsoft Auditorium

                           Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

                           Level 29, Tower 2,

                           Petronas Twin Tower, KL

Website         :

13, June 2008

Heroes happen @Penang this weekend

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My dear ‘ka ki lang’ in Penang, Microsoft is doing a community launch of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 at Intel’s PG12 auditorium tomorrow from 8.30am – 5.30pm.

More info here

12, June 2008

SQL Server 2008 Jump Start FREE online training

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Few days ago  I blogged about SQL Server 2008 RC0 availability and SQL 2008 Trial Hosting by SQL Server Pro Association. Then yesterday I found out there is also a web site offering free online training from Microsoft here.

10, June 2008

SQL Server 2008 inches towards release

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Microsoft released the 1st release candidate (RC0) for SQL Server 2008 few days ago. This could means the rumoured date of a Q3 2008 released is possible.

Go here to download the bits. Note they even got a new logo for their server products (pic above)

On the mean time, I also realize that Professional Associaition For SQL Server ( is offering trial SQL 2008 accounts here on top of some learning resources.

16, May 2008

Got DinnerNow working at last!!

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DinnerNow is a cool sample application that is complex and huge enough to showcase all the latest Microsoft Windows Application Platform technologies. It is also a good example on how to put Software plus Service vision to work here. You can download the latest v2.5 version from Codeplex website.

Not I want to do selling here but the technologies includes

  1. .Net Framework 3.5
    • Windows Presentation Foundation
    • Windows Workflow Foundation
    • Windows Communication Foundation
    • Cardspace
  2. Windows Mobile 6
  3. MMC 3.0 shell addin developed using .NET
  4. Poweshell
  5. IIS 7.0
  6. Integration with Windows Live services such as Virtual Earth

Because of IIS 7.0, you will need to install DinnerNow on top of Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. However since trying this for the past few months, I got no luck of getting it running. There has been quite a few posts on the Codeplex forum with people complaining the same time.

Then checking back all the event logs in the OS, I realize there are a lot of authentication error in the IIS log. This leads me to a creation the self signed SSL cert causes this problem. This is because when you setup the WCF service website of DinnerNow it will installs its own SSL cert as well. So for a change I created a clean Win Server 2008 VPC and during the IIS installation process, I refused to create or install any SSL cert. Just select Choose a certificate for SSL encryption later in the Choose a certificate for SSL encryption screen (as pic below)


Well, do check out whether this work for you or not which I believe there are other environment issues which might pops up for larger application like DinnerNow.

P/S: So to get DinnerNow working on my VPC, I installed the following software

  • Windows Server 2008
  • IIS 7.0
  • Visual Studio 2008 Pro with SQL Server 2005 Express
  • Powershell enabled
  • Desktop Experience enabled for WMDC
  • Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC)
  • Windows Mobile 6 SDK

29, January 2008

Slides for TechNet MSDN East Malaysia

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Check out the slides about ADO.NET Tips and Tricks

27, November 2007

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and MOSS 2007

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Managed to get Reporting Services integrated with MOSS yesterday. Phew… took me a morning to do that and this is my 2nd try on a VPC environment.  The first thing I do it on a Windows 2003 VPC with Domain Controller, SQL Server, MOSS together. Apearantly later when I setup everything and go back to grant database access in Central Administration web site it returns me some funny message. After spending sometime on the web, I realize there is some problem when you have DC on the same machine.

So in my 2nd try I setup 2 VPCs, the 1st one hosting the DC and Cert server while the 2nd one have SQL Server and MOSS installed. Then I got it right this time. There is a word of cautious though, if you use a domain account to start the SQL Server services (such as domain\sqlservice) then you will have problem starting up the reporting Services Web Service at This is because the web service in IIS 6.0 uses Network Service account in the application pool, so all you need is go into IIS and change the App Pool identity (in the case will be the ReportServer app pool) to your SQL Server service account.

Below are some links which help me get started in all this.

Configure the Report Server Integration Feature in SharePoint Central Administration

Report Server How-to Topics

31, July 2007

4 cool new features about SQL Server 2008 codename Katmai

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Time Chapman, a SQL Server DBA written about the features he likes in SQL Server 2008, the 4th one in his list is my favorite too for a developer viewpoint. Change Data Capture makes it easier to create audit log components if you use of stored procedure for data tier coding.

September’s TechEd Southeast Asia 2007 features a few topics too about Katmai both for DBAs and developers.

Enterprise Data Management Track

  1. BI enhancement in SQL Server 2008
  2. Next release of SQL Server: Data Warehouse Enhancement
  3. SQL Server 2008: Overview
  4. SQL Server 2008 Manageability Overview

Sync your database to SharePoint using SSIS

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Custom SharePoint lists are like tables in a traditional database; in some ways they’re even better. But as organizations adopt this new data store, they introduce additional complexities in integrating new list-based solutions with existing database applications. This article shows you how to solve the data mismatch problem by using the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Microsoft’s new Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML).

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