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19, April 2007

OBA in Wikipedia

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Created an entry but I don’t know why it ain’t show up in search yet. First time did this in wikipedia so I am not sure about the approval process (if any). Anywhere I keep a link here just in case anyone wants to find out more.


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  1. Hi Patrick,

    My name is Inna Proshkina, marketing director with InvisibleCRM.

    Since you cover innovative technologies in your blog, I thought I should make you aware of InvisibleCRM – a technology provider of tools engineered to bring Line Of Business applications to Microsoft environments. Focused on increasing user adoption and ROI, InvisibleCRM technologies meld LOB systems with familiar user interface – MS Office and Windows desktop.

    This Thursday (9am PST) I’m launching a webinar for Microsoft folks to demonstrate InvisibleCRM technologies. Please register here: should you be interested to learn about InvisibleCRM.

    Below are Microsoft and other industry visionaries’ quotes on InvisibleCRM:

    “We applaud InvisibleCRM for the innovative work they have done in bridging business applications with Microsoft technologies. By integrating their Web-based Business Applications with the Microsoft Windows environment, InvisibleCRM is enabling customers to preserve the familiar user experience of Microsoft Outlook to create a seamless transition between the application and desktop. We find this offering to be of real value to our mutual customers.” – Sanjay Parthasarathy, Corporate VP, Microsoft

    “Invisible CRM synchronizes on-demand systems with online desktop applications to provide salespeople with a familiar platform that automatically updates, locally stores, and easily transfers customer information to improve employee productivity, increase the accuracy of customer information, and strengthen campaign management. With the slogan “change the software, not the people,” Invisible CRM is doing just that.” – Rebecca Wettemann, VP, Research, Nucleus Research

    “InvisibleCRM combines and leverages the two most important factors driving forward today’s CRM market:
    1) “Office Automation” – meaning automated workflows between the typical desktop applications such as Microsoft Office and enterprise CRM applications, and
    2) “OnDemand CRM” – meaning CRM delivered through the internet in a one-to-many fashion. InvisibleCRM allows automated integration between Internet-based and the everyday tools of salespeople, which happen to be Outlook, Microsoft Word, and files on the Windows Desktop. Lack of end user adoption is CRM failure cause #1, which should put office automation solutions, such as the one from InvisibleCRM, high on any CRM manager’s agenda.” – Bo Lykkegaard, Program Manager, IDC

    Kind Regards,


    Inna Proshkina
    Director, Marketing
    phone: +1 (415) 8397550
    Delivering on the promise of CRM

    InvisibleCRM, named as a Cool Vendor by Gartner, is a technology provider of tools that bridge the gap between CRM and other enterprise applications and productivity tools. Focused on boosting user adoption and ROI, InvisibleCRM provides a single unified online/offline workplace that acts exactly like Outlook and Office, giving people the native ‘look and feel’ Outlook/Desktop environment they are used to for transparent access to all CRM objects and documents even in off-line mode. According to Nucleus Research InvisibleCRM offers unique “5 hour” ROI.

    Comment by Inna Proshkina — 21, August 2007 @ 8:33 am | Reply

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